A metaphor about you…

Finally here. Perplexed, I am waiting for him, my new patient; he makes me feel excited and frightened at the same time.

We see each other for the first moment. His height is above the average, perhaps around 12500 feet and his appearance is making me feel nervous and overwhelmed. The more he gets closer, the more details I can catch. Indeed! Is incredible and marvelous, and I am starring at him as a fifth year old boy on Christmas Eve. Glassy and oily skin, I can notice some imperfections around his face, hands and head but his clothing is a rare combination of colours and textures. He is wearing yellow shoes, and his formal grey pants are covering the endless skinny legs. I noticed from the very beginning that he has a unique sense of fashion. His arms, in conjunction with his body, are wearing branded textiles. I am feeling as tiny as nothingness. Is he glowing? Yes! His coat is fulfilled with lights. He is coming towards me and his arms are trying to embrace me. There is, in the last layer of my senses, a subtle salty fragrance. Possibly, he is wearing “Sea Perfume”. His voice is remarkable; it is noisy and honks all the time.
I am feeling joyful and peaceful surrounded by such guy; though, I have to remember that he is still my patient and I am only passing by. I know he possess a narcissistic personality and is suffering from insomnia. I have to be careful because I can get caught in his tastes. This guy is intelligent since he has a keen knowledge in different languages. While going deeper into his personal history, I realised that he possess a wide cultural background as well as physical features. Seems to be glorious and proud of himself and I perceive him as a quite accomplished man. In the financial area is known as “The Wolf”, and at the same time, he portrays himself as a representative of artistic expressions that matter for humankind. Is as powerful as a nuclear bomb, in any field. His impetuous and exhilarating behaviour makes me act differently and the more I observe, the more I get in love.

–New York–

You: my patient  Source: hdw.eweb4.com

You: my patient – Source: hdw.eweb4.com

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