Dale aus Kalifornien

How much do we value spontaneity?
Even further, how much do we enjoy it?

In the past months, Ellen moved her HQ from Berlin to Düsseldorf to embark on a new journey. This time is not about her but about Dale.

A couple of weeks ago, Ellen was visiting Cologne and in her trip, she met Dale in a jazz bar. The 60 (something)-year-old-man stopped in Cologne for few hours to continue his trip to Paris, if I’m not mistaken. With his wife* and his sax, the trio travels with one purpose: Join jazz gigs. During his trips, Dale asks locals where the closest bar with a jazz live band is. Papa Joe’s Jazzlokal was the chosen one.

*There was no time to ask for her name. We are calling his wife “Wifey”.

Dale aus Kalifornien

The deal goes like this:
They come in, he orders a couple of beers –one for him and one for Wifey– and asks the band to join. While he is performing, Wifey‘s role is to be Dale’s number one fan.
Oh, yes! She shouts, sings and dances along. Why not? Dale is her top rock star, not Chuck Berry, Dale.

Sax: Dale   –  Vocalist: Jörg

Left: Dale – Right: Jörg

The entire performance went well; in fact, it was perfect. It seemed that the band has been rehearsing for a long time. The astonished vocalist, Jörg, could not believe he was singing with Dale, Dale aus Kalifornien. Although Dale has German roots, it was his first time in Germany. He simply wanted to get a glimpse of his grandfather’s way of life.


Ellen couldn’t retrieve more insights of his life or trips. The couple was about to take a ship to the next stop and rushed off from the bar. But the bar… Papa Joe’s Jazzlokal is one of the oldest jazz venues in Cologne –I wouldn’t risk saying it is the oldest in Germany–. Why is it an attraction? Well, it has live music every day, its decoration resembles an old bar from the twenties, and it is located in the old town. Bands, musicians and singers come here to perform pro bono. Just tips. Oh, well! Next time you are in Cologne, try checking out this pub. You might find your own Dale…

That’s it! Jazz is spontaneity. Jazz is a drizzle of flamboyant sounds.
Are you in the mood of jazzing it? Read more here.

More stories to come… Stay tuned!

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